About us

AllConsulting covers VP Holding's competencies in Project Management and Funds Accessing business lines.

Project Management The Company focuses on the client by identifying and implementing customized business solutions.

AllConsulting undertakes the role of consultant and project manager successfully applying the motto "we focus on the client". The company provides services at the highest quality standards by a team of technical experts, business consultants, management specialists, technicians, engineers, economists and financing experts, all certified and specialized in project development and implementation.

AllConsulting Group's guiding principle is „bene diagnoscitur, bene curatur” (A disease known is half cured) which implies analysing and objectively connecting all available data enabling to understand the nature of both direct and indirect risks related to the client's activity. AllConsulting Group's guidelines provide the best framework as conclusions and recommendations to set up the range of solutions critical for projects successful development..

AllConsulting Group member companies are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Accesare Fonduri Working with ALL means :

  • specialized consulting services in starting a project and ensuring the preliminary conditions required for its completion
  • technical, economic, administrative assistance and legal advice throughout project implementation
  • limited financial investment by selecting efficient solutions for accessing non-repayable funds
  • financial safety by cost-benefit and risk analyses performed on client’s request, in order to identify the best solution
  • time saving, by taking over most of the client's tasks
  • flexibility by customized services
  • experience acquired by accessing more than EUR 90 million non-repayable funds and implementing over 170 projects.

The services provided by AllConsulting Group member companies are the following:

Certificari ISO | Consulting services in accessing non-repayable and repayable funds |
| Project Management |
| Site management |
| Economic engineering |
| Technical expert report for various specialities: structure, installations, fire safety scenarios, supporting structure and building foundation stability |
| Technical review for all specialities by MLPAT certified experts |
| Energy audit services for new and current buildings |
| Drafting technical-economical documentations: Feasibility study (SF) and Documentation to obtain approval for building repair and maintenance works (DALI) |
| Consulting services in management systems certification |
| Business consulting services |